Volunteer Ads - September 2017

Listed below are current volunteer opportunities. If you are interested, want to learn more and enroll in RSVP, please
contact Triston Lovato at (505) 955-4760 or trlovato@santafenm.gov

Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe

Do you want to join a dedicated group of people who work to improve literacy in the Santa Fe area? Your knowledge of basic literacy skills, our training, and a commitment to tutor three to four hours each week for a period of nine to twelve
months are all that are required to get started.As a volunteer tutor in the program, you have a choice of two specialties:

Basic Literacy program, tutors are needed to teach adults the fundamentals of reading, writing, or basic math. You may choose to tutor one, two, or all three subjects.

English as a Second Language (ESL) program, English language skills tutors are needed to teach English language skills to students whose primary language is not English. It is not required for you to have proficiency in any language other than English in order to teach these students.

Tutor training is offered through ProLiteracy America and consists of 10 hours of training offered at the times noted below. Your literacy instruction will involve all language components: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You will learn effective methods for teaching adults to acquire conversational English skills and to use those skills to meet self-identified goals such as job advancement, citizenship, and improved parenting skills. Due to the intense nature of this training, attendance is required at all sessions, including the follow-up meeting.

Basic Literacy Tutor Training
BL Orientation: Thursday, September 14, from 4-6 pm in room #503 in the Adult Education Department next to the library.
BL Training Day 1: Friday, September 15, from 9am-5pm in room # 489 in the Health and Sciences Building. BL Follow Up Training: To be determined.

ESL Tutor Training
ESL Orientation: Thursday, October 12, from 4-6 pm
ESL Training Day 1: Friday, October 13, from 9am-5pm
ESL Follow Up Training: To be determined.

Call Triston at (505) 955-4760 to sign up.